Serious Fun at Santa School

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Roger Hudson Star News Personality from KOA NEWS RADIO

attended our Professional Santa Claus School back in 2005.

He had a ball! We enjoyed his comradship! He fit right in!

Roger is seriously considering BEcoming a Real Santa Claus

when he retires from his very successful media career.

To download and listen to his On-Air News Report, click here.

Santa School Graduate


Dear Veteran and Future Professional Santa Claus (es),


Since 1983, Professional Santa Claus School Denver, CO,

has been assisting and supporting men with great big hearts

& a sincere desire to BEcome Santa Claus,

and have wildly successful careers and fun!

BEing REAL Santa Claus is NOT about pricey costumes,

long full natural beards, blue eyes, robust bellies & hype!

The outside is only 1/5 of BECOMING a REAL SANTA!

We could make your daughter or niece "look" like Santa...

Looking like Santa is nice, but then what? Communication, interaction, activities, confidence, imagination, posture, stamina, quick thinking...are just some of the major keys to BEing a GREAT & SUCCESSFUL Santa Claus!

A big gold buckle or fancy suit may attract the children but they have a 6th sense about Santa's heart! They know if Santa is in it for money, glory or ego. They'll tell Santa if his breath smells. Even with a perfect beard, if the child does not get the right "vibe," no amount of tap dancing can convince them Santa is real. Glitzy Santa could be "shown up" by a faux bearded, uncle in a cheesy $50 suit with the right Santa enthusiasm and heart!

That is what the BELIEF is all about!


Professional Santa Claus School spends some time on your outward appearance, but by the time we get to those segments, the Santa is beaming and oozing out of you so obviously that you may not even need a hat or suit to convince the children in the lobby of the conference center that YOU ARE THE REAL SANTA... That's where the magic takes hold!


Professional Santa Claus School will take that great big sincere heart you bring us and give you the tools, knowledge, experience, insights, mentor connections, thought process, skills, tricks, tips and exclusive training to go SO much further beyond your expectations! AND Professional Santa Claus School supports you for the next year on an unlimited basis!


So bring us your big heart, open mind and willingness to participate in all 72 hours of the conference and YOU WILL BECOME SANTA CLAUS! We promise! 


Your educational adventure starts the day you enroll, with a 38 week Pre-Conference Workshop and up to 11 months of support once you graduate! 


Susen Mesco, Founder & Director

Master Santa Claus Trainer Since 1983!

Professional Santa Claus School

Denver, Colorado  USA


P.S.C.S. Class of 2014
Some Professional Santa School Graduates 2012