42nd Annual Professional Santa Claus School 2024


DENVER, CO (5 day conference) will include seminars geared




August 30- September 3, 2024

Mrs. Claus welcome for her own educational seminars!

Discounted lodging available at Conference Plaza

(2 days session, Saturday & Sunday, also available!)

FREE embroidered LOGO POLO for all Santas!


Conference Tuition includes over 20 additional

Pre & Post Conference Educational Seminars! 



  300+ photos in selection of 10 settings


OPTIONAL: 50 hour Business Course

Assistance to create a powerful business name to attract clients

Become a legal business without needing an attorney

Complete support to create your unique brand.

Includes TWO Websites with national SEO marketing!

Easy marketing system to add up to 200 new clients each year.

Complete packet of business forms

Graphics Services to create your marketing pieces.

Private Consulations to discuss & achieve your business goals

Professional Green Screen Photos to insert into your branded materials.

5 min. video 2024 Conference Includes...

Countdown to PSCS Conference !

42nd Annual PSCS
santa school Business Week 2008


Since 1983,

Professional Santa/Mrs. Claus School of Denver

has provided comprehensive education and training,

courses, classes and conferences,

unique Santa accessories and supplies,

and been committed for over 40 years,

to seriously supporting, mentoring and nurturing

over 5000 top rate Professional Santas

and Mrs. Clauses

to success in their amazing careers!


Through our educational programs,

we have successfully assisted Santas with no previous

experience as well as boosted careers of longtime

veteran Santas looking to refresh, renew and

skyrocket their businesses with great new ideas,

concepts and information not available elsewhere!


If you have found Professional Santa/Mrs. Claus School

BEFORE you've started your Santa education or career,

you have shaved years off your learning curve

and given your career a jump-start to Santa success! 

Graduation Night Celebration 2015 PSCS Conference!

The Santa School seen in BECOMING SANTA The Movie, with Jack Sanderson & Jeff Myers

Hundreds of Santas (AND MRS. CLAUSES!) , with 20+ years experience, are amazed at the wealth of information ideas and new techniques they've learned at the Professional Santa Claus School Annual Conference! After completing this educational programs, these experienced Santas excitedly report that these unique Santa tools have taken their careers to new levels with renewed energy and deeper insights, and have allowed them to expand their horizons, and increase their personal satisfaction and holiday earnings.



Your Mrs. Claus or Elf, sits with you, and participates fully,

through over 150 topic sessions...

AND the ladies have their own, special "break-out" sessions!


PSCS has spent 42 years developing and perfecting

153 courses of information, techniques, new ideas & useful tips! 

  • Over 150 seminar topics of easy to apply techniques, ideas and tips!
  • We start with a host of OPTIONAL Pre-Conference seminars in February. 
  • All recorded so once you send in your deposit you have access to them!
  • Create your own educational program to fit your goals, budget and available time. Contact us for a full packet of information! 
  • Focus on what it takes ON the INSIDE... Santa MINDSET... FIRST!
  • Keeping the MAGIC (and we don't mean slight of hand!) in the holidays for the children and other guests you will be entertaining.
  • Increase your audience excitement through fun and simple group activities with real entertainment value and maximum crowd impact for your clients!
  • Double your referrals and repeat business with effective marketing techniques!
  • Make your one-on-one interaction with the children more magical and believable!
  • Intensive study on quality conversations with children of any age!
  • Secrets to handle ANY unexpected situation / question with 100% confidence!
  • Enhance your professional Santa appearance from head to toe!
  • Tricks of being "on camera," looking great for high profile events!
  • Maintain your enjoyment and Santa magic even during long events or mall gigs!
  • Find & create the best paying & most fun "gigs" in your area!
  • Creating your marketing strategy and products!
  • Maximize your income whether you're a BRAND NEW or a Veteran Santa Claus!
  • Connect with a team of mentors to motivate and support you for the next year!
  • Enjoy on-going resources, consultations & advice as you grow your business!

 Educational Packages Include: 

  • Most comprehensive educational Santa training program in the USA
  • Discounted Lodging Rate- Hotel Includes full American Breakfast Buffet!
  • (Optional) Santa Share-A-Room Roommate Program  (Save!)
  • 38 Optional Pre-Conference workshops to prepare you for the conference!
  • ~ 16 Pre-Conference online ZOOM seminars with your classmates.
  • Custom built Santa / Mrs. Claus website for bookings & referrals
  • CPS Certified Professional Santa / Mrs. Claus status awarded to those qualified
  • Online access to additional educational group discussions and information.
  • Access to Additional Online Courses NOT covered at the conference
  • 2-5 fun-filled, action-packed days of excitement, learning and new friends
  • Up to 15, One Hour, Post Graduation, one-on-one consultations.
  • PSCS Embroidered Logo Polo Golf Shirt 
  • Santa / Mrs. Claus Workbooks, Course Materials & Conference Supplies!
  • Hearty, All-You-Can-Eat gourmet buffets: lunch, dinner & snacks
  • Available Full HD Santa Make-up kit customized to your skin tone
  • Interactive Guest Speaker segments
  • Santa Market - Get all your Santa supplies right at the Conference!
  • Fun Night & Party! Movie & Popcorn, Games & Prizes
  • Contact information to stay in touch with all your new Santa friends.
  • Photos; Casual Class, LIVE REINDEER, Diploma, Graduation Class & more!
  • Your own Certified Professional Santa/Mrs. WEBSITE (CPS course & perks)
  • Training in how to do VIRTUAL VISITS (P.O.L.E.S. online course)
  • OPTIONAL ~300 Publicity Photos- in 10 various theme settings! ($2500+ Value!)
  • National Background Check 
  • Access to General Liability Insurance with Abuse & Molestation Coverage
  • Graduation Diploma & Celebration Party 
  • Continued support and one-on-one consultations as your business grows

PSCS Grads are FAMILY! Support Continues! 

Some Graduates of our recent Graduates!

Class size is limited and always fills up quickly!

Don't be left on the waiting list!

Mrs. Claus or your Elf is always welcome to attend with Santa.
Special break out sessions held for the ladies attending!


 Email us TODAY

with your name, email & phone number

to receive your registration packet!


Hotel Information

Denver Conference Center location

Special Santa School Group Room rates
More information on booking room, vacation tours before & after the conference will be included with your registration confirmation.

Santa Share-A-Room program is also available to save even more!
No rental car is needed for the conference dates!!!
Buffet, All-You-Can-Eat Meals are included with all packages.

Also Available: Online Specialty Courses

Home Study with One-on-One Consultations


Big Holiday Hugs to all the Great Santas, in the USA & beyond, who have visited our website to request more information on Professional Santa Claus School Conference  in Denver, CO !


Santa Mike Wiggill (Utah)  (Graduate 2011) put together

this wonderful montage of pics overviewing HIS experience at the 5 day PSCS Conference...


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