Santa loves to give gifts! No strings attached! Just ribbons and fun!

Gift # 1

Join Santa's 8 week GOOD BEHAVIOR PROGRAM! Earn you Official North Pole Nice Certificate! Update your WISHLIST and send directly to Santa's desk. See if your name is on Santa's NICE LIST. Report your ELF on the Shelf if they are mischievious. Each week with the help of a parent, you'll report the points you've earned to Santa and climb up Nifty Nice Mountain. When you erach the top, you'll download your


Opens Nov. 1st! Go to with your parent. Use this SECRET CODE: "BENICE" to bypass the $10.00 membership fee! Parents can register you. Download your weekly coloring sheet / report card and get started! 


Gift # 2

Your family is invited to share endless entertainment on NORTH POLE STORYTIME! Over 1000 videos of Santa, Mrs. Claus and Head Elf Buzz Twinkletoes telling stories, doing crafts, singing songs, puppet shows, magic shows, bedtime stories, learning to count, learning tour ABC's, see Santa's Fire Department, visit the Toy workshop, Santa's secret recipes for treats and so much more!

You can even select your favorite performers to book a VIRTUAL VISIT! 

With an adult VISIT

then choose STORYTIME. Use Secret Code: SANTAFUN for FREE ACCESS!

Storytime is open year round! Easter Bunny arrives each spring!

GIFT # 3 

In the MY SANTA REPORTS program, little ones can write their letter to Santa Claus

or Mrs. Claus or Head Elf Buzz Twinkletoes and they will write back to you!

Sign up FREE using Secret Code: BENICE at