The New Age of VIRTUAL Santa!!!

Since 2014 PSCS was the first to train Pro Santas & Mrs. Clauses

to professionally do VIRTUAL VISITS.

North Pole Storytime is our platform

that fully automates the VIRTUAL side of your Santa business! 


Join the ranks of Santas earning extra seasonal income

by mastering the technology of BEing an ONLINE Santa!


Santas are challenged to keep up with the times and technology, ever present inthe lives of our little ones... They want IPads, I Phone 5's, and all the techie stuff!


Young families now want to access "their" Santa from home,

in their holiday PJ's, across the country using technology...


BEing Santa online is so very different from the BIG, LIVE performances

we are so used to giving,

from BEing so close to the child on your lap at the mall... It is an artform!


So join us! From home! Using Technology... to learn how to profit from technology.

(We do NOT cover this genre of Clausing at the Conference.)

Learn the secret of how to make an extra $2000+, this season!

No! You do NOT have to be working for one of the Video Santa companies!

But if you are, You'll get even more requests and compliments on your chats!


PSCS will show you how to expand your Clausing with

VIRTUAL EDUCATION through our P.O.L.E.S. Home study course! 


You can start watching and re-watching the video segments at your leisure!

Watch a few, go have dinner, come back anytime to watch more!

Available 24/7... to fit your schedule or resource needs.

Susen Mesco, Master Santa Claus Trainer Since 1983