American Events has been providing VIRTUAL VISITS since 2014!

We selected the top holiday Performers in North America

and put together a program like no other in the industry!

Santa! Mrs. Claus! Santa's Head Elf & More!

This is not just your average video chat with Santa!


RECEIVE 3 FREE GIFTS!! (See below!) 

Our new program has 4 layers of wholesome, family, holiday thrills!

Your children won't get a rushed 90 second mall visit!

We have 20 hours of ON-DEMAND SANTA STORIES & FUN for your child! 

Yes! It is STILL American Events! VIRTUALLY!

           Our same highly trained & outfitted Santas!  VIRTUALLY!       

Included with your VIRTUAL VISIT...FREE!

Your FREE Membership INCLUDES: Access to 1000 Shows and Stories by Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elf Buzz. Stories! Sing Alongs! Christmas Craft Projects! Christian Stories! Tea Parties with Mrs. Claus! Santa's Reindeer Videos! Black Santa! Santa's North Pole Fire Department! Santa's Sleigh! Santa's Airport! Sign Language! Cocoa Recipes! Santa's Train Depot! Santa does Rap Jingles! And so much more!

ALL FREE!  FREE TO JOIN! (You do need an ADULT to sign you up!) 

Santa's 8 week GOOD BEHAVIOR PROGRAM. Open Nov. 1st - Dec. 31st. (Parents call and beg us to keep this open all year round!) Parents keep score of points for Nice behavior and each week families REPORT IN TO SANTA! Earn your OFFICIAL NORTH POLE NICE CERTIFICATE when you reach the mountain top with your Avatar! See if your name is on Santa's NICE LIST! UPDATE YOUR WISH LIST direclty to Santa's desk! Report your ELF ON THE SHELF if they get mischievious! Read the daily SUGAR PLUM GAZETTE! Play holiday games... AND MORE! 

 Usually $10.00 per family but this is ALL FREE with your membership!  

Hop safely ONLINE to send your letter directly to Santa! Or send Mrs. Claus a letter! Or Write to Santa's Head Elf Buzz Twinkletoes! They will send you a letter in return! These are usually $25.00 each! FREE WITH YOUR MEMBERSHIP! JOIN TODAY!